Price List
Wash & Finish £32
Hair Up from £40
Wash, Cut & Finish  £52 
Wash, Trim & Finish  £38
Ladies Clipper Cut   £15
Ladies Clipper Cut & wash £20
Threading  £4.50
Treatment & Finish  £42
Olaplex Treatment & Finish  £52
Intense Scalp Treatment £47
Wash & Press from  £45
Treatment & Press from £55

Relaxer / Texturiser 
 Please note, hair that has been in a weave or braided
 must be removed, combed through and washed at least 5 days prior to any chemical process 
Re-Touch  £63
Re-touch Hairline / Partial  £47
Virgin Short - Medium  £72
Virgin Long   £85
Prices include styling
Relax and Go  £40
If you just want your hair relaxed and conditioned.
Bring in your scarf, we will wrap and tie it for you
and you can dry and finish it at home.
Curly Perm
Prices include a trim
Curly Perm Re-Touch   £60
Virgin Perm Short-Medium Hair  £75
Virgin Perm Long Hair  £85
Spiral Perm Re-Touch  from £120
Virgin Spiral Perm  from £130
Keratin System / Brazilian Blow-dry
A system that infuses keratin deep into the hair cuticle reducing
 frizz and curl also Promotes healing and blocks the effect
 of humidity. Safe for all hair types can be used on
 coloured, Relaxed and bleached hair. Last up to 3 months
Keratin System Short Hair from  £150
Keratin System Medium Hair from  £196
Keratin System Long Hair from  £242
Keracare Texture Release 
Heat activated system which is great for clients who are either transitioning,
 like to wear there natural hair straight or clients 
who want to loosen and reduced frizz to their naturally curly hair.

Texture Release short to Medium Length from  £140
Texture Release Long Length from   £170

A skin test must be done 48 hrs prior to this service
Tinting - Permanent Hair Colour
Ideal for lightning hair colour and covering greys
Quasi / Demi Permanent
Covers 50% grey hair.  Can be used directly after a perm or
 relaxer - can not lighten hair colour.
Temporary colour adds tone only
Re-touch & Finish  £55
Full Head  & Finish from  £58
Full Head  & Finish Long Hair from £70
 Bleaching short hair
two applications plus Toner  from £35
Highlights / Lowlights
Best way to compliment and personalise your style.
Foils Partial  & Finish   £65
Foils T section & Finish   £75
Foils Half Head & Finish   £90
Foils full Head & Finish  £125
 Weaving Extensions
Hair is fully cornrowed then hair weft is attached with
 thread for those who fancy a change.
Prices do not include hair!
A free consultation is offered prior
 to your service to determine the price
 and time needed. 

Whole Head Straight from £115    
Styling (additional) £25 
Cut (additional)  £20
Removal  £35
Double Row Weave  £15
Removal per row   £3
Weave Dry Finish  £25
Weave Dry Cut & Finish  £35
Weave Wash & Finish  £35
Weave Wash & Cut  £45
Ponytail  £35
Please note.
A £50 deposit will be required for all
Weave appointments to be paid at time of booking
 Deposit is refundable if appointment is cancelled 
72 hours before appointment time,
Gift Vouchers available
If for any reason you need to
cancel your appointment, please do so 24hrs before 
appointment time, to avoid a 25% late cancellation fee.